5 More Weird Beaches of the World

Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach has the whitest sand in the world. Hyams Beach is located in New South Wales along the shores of Jervis Bay. It has exceptionally clear waters and literally ideal for fishing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Its surrounding areas are more of a bush land, which is a home to many local animals and an abundance of bird life. Hyams beach is a quiet and secluded tourist location. The drive to Sydney lasts for two-and-a-half hours. The region abounds in walking tracks that suits travelers of all ages. The majority of the surrounding regions is untouched and needs exploration.

Green Sand Beach

The green sand beach is more commonly known as the Papakōlea Beach. It is located near South Point of the Island of Hawaii. Its name comes from papa kōlea, which means plover-flats in Hawaiian language. The beach sand is rich in olivine and silicate mineral containing iron and magnesium and is called the peridot when of gem quality. Olivine is one of the first crystals to form as volcanic emission cools. And so, this greenish color is caused by an increase of olivine crystals that form in volcanic eruptions. This arid, infertile scenery is completely weird. The waves are often rough and swimming is hazardous due to strong currents. Still, the clear turquoise water, surrounded by green sand and old cliffs sculpted into Gaudi-like shapes by the wind are a splendor.

Pfeiffer Beach

Anyone to be fond of nature in its rawest forms will surely be stunned by the Pfeiffer Beach. This beach is awesomely beautiful, and the most bizarre feature of it is the purple sand. The sand is purple in color because the areas around the beach are rich in the minerals manganese almandine or garnet, which results the purple sand. The picturesque persona and the natural splendor of the coast which results from the daunting natural features are truly amazing. The rich vegetative layout and the spectacular meetings of land and sea are the greatest single attraction. The rocks formation, just off the shore is simply incredible and gives such a beautiful effect that looks as though it has barely been touched. Deep blue waves when collide with the offshore masses and rocks and onto the purple sands, give a splendid sunsets you can find no where in the world.

Sand cut Beach and Falls

Sand-cut Beach is heavenly and only seeing is to believe. It is almost unknown (even to local people) because of its location. Sand-cut Beach is stunning with a flounce of shelving cobble and sand at the waterline. The cliffs are of unfolded sandstone, some of which stand fossils. At least two streams reach the beach giving the water a unique contrast. They look like water gushing over a small bluff just left or east of the stalk. Along the beach there are those magnificent twin sprays of Sand-cut Falls; a picturesque waterfall. The relative height of the fall depends on the distribution of beach cobble at the time.

Kaihalulu Beach

To be found on the far side of Ka’uiki Hill south of Hana Bay is Kaihalulu. Kaihalulu means “roaring sea”. But this beach is better known as the Red Sand Beach. This vibrant red sand with a touch of black is actually the crumbling cinder cone hill that surrounds the bay. The view of the red sand against the blue sea surrounded by the green ironwood trees and a rocky lava sea wall is beyond comparison! The attractive ironwood trees endlessly dust numerous needles on the ground. One cannot swim except when the ocean is very calm. Even the path to the beach is slick due to the crumbling cinder and pine needles from the ironwood trees.
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